Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is one of the most ancient,

time-honored therapeutic healing practices.


For over 5000 years various cultures have used it for relieving most common ailments. Cupping uses negative pressure rather than tissue compression and has a lasting, profound effect on pain, inflammation, stubborn conditions, digestive issues, chronic fatigue wrinkles, scarring and many other age-related ailments plaguing our quality of life.

          Cupping pulls stagnation out of tissues and brings it to the skin level.  The pores expand discharging wastes and toxins and deeper toxins are pulled into the lymphatic and circulatory system to be flushed away.  By creating negative pressure cupping is able to lift the tissues to decrease inner pressure and release synovial fluid in joints.  Cupping can feel mildly uncomfortable or deeply pleasurable, depending on the individual.

Cupping Therapy affects the body the same as a deep tissue massage.  You may experience delayed onset muscle soreness that will be similar to a long hard workout.  However the feel of cupping is not as intense as deep tissue massage.  Thanks to the nature of negative pressure therapy, the work is deep without being painful although occasionally can be uncomfortable.  Remember to check with your therapist to make sure the therapy is within your personal comfort level.