60 min $120   90 min $180

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique using deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body.  Gravitational force is combined with centrifugal and centripetal movements.  This creates a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage.  This type of therapy will provide deep relaxation and stimulate the lymphatic system of the body.  Bars are used above the head for support and balance. 

Just some Benefit

1. The feet are more comfortable than pointy elbows and thumbs.

2. The broad surface of the feet enable the client to relax into the strokes. Its known to induce deep relaxation quickly.

3. Gravity enables the pressure to be deeper than with hands-on.

4. Ashiatsu increases circulation quickly.

5. Its both luxurious and yet therapeutic at the same time.

6. Ashiatsu is especially beneficial as it warms up the larger muscle groups as a whole. 

7. Deep pressure stimulates the body's self healing capabilities.

8. Less soreness typically results than with deep neuromuscular work. 


A Bit of History

                Many forms of barefoot massage have been brought to the US from India,Japan, Thailand, China and the Philippines. The majority of them are done on a floor mat.  Sometimes a chair or bamboo stick is used to hold on to for balance. This type of massage is typically associated with Shiatsu. 

Shiatsu practitioners would be inclined to tell you that Shiatsu is not really a massage, but a treatment within a treatment.  These practitioners focus on the energetic system of the body relating to Yin and Yang.  Chi known as the life force of our energy can be disrupted which is believed to bee the root of most disorders.  Only a few forms of Ashiatsu use the hands over head, and it depends on its origin.  Each form of bodywork is different and indigenous to its origin. 

Some similar practices are known as:  Fiji Massage, Lomilomi single bar, Barefoot Shiatsu,

Chavutti Thirumal, Hilot,  and Thai.